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Good times

A lorra, lorra laughs

A lorra, lorra laughs
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arts and crafts, custard eyes, eleri stores, empress wu, fucking voodoo magic, gibby the pocker, greedy blighter, joy division, king bomb, listening to music, making collages, making things, mining the lothians, morrissey, my gerbil, orson welles fanclub, rambling moggy, ray, reading, retardicus fuckwank, scabrous belter, smoking, studying syphillus, tat, the aids monster, the blackpool side-plate, the bleaches, the bumbling den, the crudsome beel, the floating bee, the guffing brother, the novotel queen, the smiths, the tea-towel of balloch, the wandering flickell-flack, ventrillo harassment, watching films, writing